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Velvet Valour Mikazuki
Second Life (Second Life)
Character Type:
Dhampir Multirace
Additional Info:
Velvet Valour is one of the lot of Queens of the Darkness that exist in SL, she created a group called "Creatures of the darkness" where she use to call its members to go adventure role with her. ---Velvet was born as a dhampire cause her father was a vampire and her mother was the queen of an underwater kingdom in planet Corelia... So Velvet born with her mother s ability "The Siren Form", she was able to become herself a siren once she s underwater. Her father met VV's mother in her human form so VV born as an hibrid of vampire and human-siren. Lately Velvet fall in love with a suposed Neko... but what he really hided to her was his real nature... he was a werewolf...And in a lovely night he infected her, VV' tried to find a cure but... her stepbrother told her that she could take control of her werewofl transformation if she were embraced by a vampire... so she accepted and his stepbrother embraced her making her an hibryd between vampire and werewolf. When Velvet was named as one of the Queens of the Darkness of SL she earned her wings as a Dark Angel... She met a lot of Queens of the darkness in SL, them all with castles and huge mansions... but she thought it was stupid for her to have a huge and visible castle cause she has enemies that are looking for her, that want to kill her as they did with her parents and her mother's kingdom so VV decided to move to a hided "Krypt" in a coastal high mountain with dense fog and forests. She speaks two main languages Spanish and she studied English for many years and she loves it. She is considerer a Universe Explorer because she has explored 11 Virtual Worlds and she is living in 3! Second Life, WoW and Star Wars Galaxies. She loves meeting people and playing role all the time with adventures and more. She is also know by her second name of the agency of the Bristow Society, Rayne, she helps the society to keep human being safe from the evil creatures of the darkness. Or you can call her by her real name that is... well better you ask... or i ll better put another photo that shows it^^. i would love to tell more byt..... i dont have more time :S Thanks and as always... IM me in SL if you want to meet me;). This photo was taken in the Gorean World of SL where Lara or VV (as you prefer to call me) has had many different adventures, she has roled as FreeWoman tht became an outlaw female that long time later was captured and slaved... but saved by her friends...her outlaw group splited up and dissapeared so se had to go back to normal life as a FW... but not as normal as she was... the port she lived was attacked (port Kar) and her friend Icarus captured, only her and the slaves lasted,... she had so many action... she loved it... she had to escape from the bandits, running, climbing and jumping and hiding mostly all the time... but she did it... she was the one who lasted with the company of another FW she found hided in her home with the doors locked ... well this is all really resumed,... all this took about 4 months! finally after that attack to port kar.. she decided to leave because she loved the action and adventure as she always had, and FW life... she hated it! She got out of the port with the excuse that she had to meet her " husband"... she escaped and started traveling till she found the panthers! she joined them and... they were a really nice family and she had great times and adventures with them ^^... well, from now on... i ll explain more about my photos ;). As always thnks ;)
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Mjylr (Send Message)
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